Ways We Are Rising

We are Awake! Rising with Wellness

We promote opportunities rise and get healthy. We know we cannot rise if we are not well. Awake focuses on a wellness that honors the whole person. We offer classes like sewing that celebrate the goodness of our bodies, and we offer fitness programs that seek to understand the whole body.

We are Awake! Rising with Good Relationships
We focusing our teaching and learning in ways that connect to each other. Good relationship also means talking about tough issues, so that we may benefit from the wisdom and courage of one another. All our offerings seek to build relationship.

We are Awake! Rising with Justice
We believe that justice is found when all people are able to live the life they are called to live. This means breaking down barriers that discriminate. Awake! wants you to imagine how we might work together in relationship to remove the barriers that keep us from our callings. We have opportunities such as Spanish to build community, a facilitator’s guild, and other

We are Awake! Rising with Leadership
We create opportunities to cultivate skills of leadership. We want to raise up leaders committed to relationship, justice, and wellness, by helping people discover their own power and possibility. These experiences help build the courage to lead. We offer classes that challenge people to do things they’d never thought possible, and then carry that new learning to the next generation.

Dreaming. Believing. Imagining.

Our education team believes in the power of community, and in the wisdom of each person. We teach in a way that honors everyone. Each member of the education team is part of a community, encouraging each other to teach with courage, leading to wellness, justice, leadership, and good relationships. Become a part of the vision: share your ideas for an opportunity to learn or create at berwynsawake.org.