Why Awake Matters to Me


Tracy Bostrom is on Awake’s Leadership Team and teaches our Young Foodies at the Table cooking class. Tracy is a lifelong Berwyn/Cicero resident and has been active in the community as a coach and business person.

I want to share with you all why the vision and mission of Awake matters to me.

Simply said, it matters to me because this community matters to me. I have been a lifelong resident of the Berwyn/Cicero area and I care about my hometown. I always appreciate when good things happen in this neighborhood. Awake is more than a good thing happening here. Awake is a catalyst for this community, calling us all to rise up in justice, leadership, and good relationships – raising up courage, wellness, and hope. The opportunities these gifts bring is endless; our possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning.

Awake cares about the youth in the area, the many cultures living in our town, the needs of our neighbors, and the things that affect us as a whole community. More importantly, Awake is a bridge between Unity and the community around us. Awake offers an opportunity for people to get to know Unity from a new perspective. The programs, workshops, and service projects bring people into our church who maybe wouldn’t drop by on a Sunday morning.

Awake matters to me because the people here matter to me. Particularly the kids in this community; I’ve spend many years coaching kids and working with them to bring forth their best, encourage their creativity, awaken their natural abilities, foster trust in their own instincts, and raise them up as leaders. Awake is the perfect environment to bring all this together for Unity, the community of Berwyn, and our neighbors.

IMG_4229You can’t help but see the leadership and good relationships developing in the Young Foodies workshop. They learn how to do things in the kitchen by themselves, they develop good kitchen etiquette, they gain a better understanding of food handling, and they work in small groups creating something together. They lead each other through the recipes and work together with respect for both the tasks and each other. I often see them helping each other through some of the tougher jobs. This support gives them the courage to try the more complicated tasks instead of just the task they were already comfortable doing. It’s a joy to see them try something new; a joy to see the hope they have that their dish will taste delicious.

Awake offers the opportunity for people to share their gifts with this community. The gifts of dance, language, reading enrichment, sewing and cooking are offered by talented people from this community.

Awake, for me, is about teaching and learning, leadership and courage, justice and truth, good relationships and wellness. Awake is bringing Unity out into our community – shining a light on the good things that we can all see happening here and being an example of how easy it is to love our neighbors.